Standarizing, ruling and guiding

More than once at work somebody has suggested the architecture area should write the standard for the queue’s configuration in the JBoss EAP 4.3 or other nonsense like writing the UML standard. The list doesn’t stop there but grows long and large. My rants on this matters have painted me some gray hairs and worsened my drinking habit.

Now that the team I’m in has finished the first JEE6 application here, we are going to write the new JEE6 standard using our new shiny application as the muse to inspire us. So, instead of waiting for the end of the day to go and drown mi anguish I’ll go all Freudian and talk my problem out till I get some answers.

First, JEE6 is not an standard. JEE6 is set of technology specifications which build a platform to develop enterprise applications. Second, a technical standard is of free implementation but we want people to use it for good or worst, so we actually want a policy. Then, writing the JEE6 standard is plain wrong. It’s sound most likely we are trying to write the JEE6 Policy here.

Now, as suggested by a colleague, the limits within this policy is applicable must be drawn. OK, this policy is for applications with Web interfaces, both graphical and services. So, from now on everybody here writes Web applications with the policies described in this document. What about exceptions? Well, we can’t foresee all of them right now so we should add them one by one as an addendum as they appear. Who should dictate addendum in, addendum out? No, can’t be a policy. We already have enough bureaucracy.

All this policy thing makes me think people here can’t judge right from wrong, but they do. And actually, they are really competent. So how about writing some guidelines from our experience that we think might work on most situations and trust their judgment for the specific problem solving. This will make the number of thinking engineers overcome in number the soldiers awaiting for an order. The document could also grow in guidelines with the new experiences from this engineers solving problems on their own. It will be nice to have a wiki entrance with your name explaining how to solve a certain problem and add it to another where you have a different way to solve the same problem.

Sounds like a plan. So, “Guidelines for Developing with JEE6 in Here” it is, and it should be written in a wiki.


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