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Code auditing with Maven

Every time you code and promise you’ll eliminate duplicated code later, replace System.out.println with a proper logger tomorrow, refactor that 15-options-if before the weekend you get into a debt you can’t pay. Even worst, your already big debt gets bigger. So, there are not more loans for you. Here’s a code auditing profile to be run in every build. Continue reading


Code coverage with Maven and Cobertura

Cobertura‘s usage is covered in its page so that you can install the plugin and run it separately from the build lifecycle. This how-to integrates it with maven3 to run as part of the site lifecycle. Continue reading

Mavenizing an existing project

At work, with about a hundred applications running, have started a mavenizing project. Diversity is a rule when it comes to used technologies and techniques in the building of those systems, but I’ll try to expose a common scenario: an old plain ejb2 project that uses XDoclet to generate interfaces code.

Continue reading