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Having richer tests with Arquillian

Let’s add an auditing feature to the previous post‘s example. As simple as writing into a log file everything that went through the save business method in the employees’ service. To do so, we need to add an appender to the jboss-log4j.xml file, code an interceptor and register it with the method.

To test this interceptor class is doing its job you need to access the audit.log file, something inside the application server. I t means it’s necessary to enrich the test case with a reference to this file. In Arquillian, test enrichmentmeans hooking the test class to the container environment by satisfying its injection points“. What we are going to inject into the test class is the log file so we can check it’s growing up with the logs from the interceptor.


log-enricher.tar and lunch-ejb-enriched.tar

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